Overview of Equipment System

Publish date: May 18


Introduction: There are six equipment slots for each hero, each of which holds a piece of equipment that can improve one aspect of the hero’s battle skills.

Weapon increases Valor Hit.
Armor increases Valor Shield.
Mount increases Spirit Hit.
Cloak increases Spirit Shield.
Book increases Element Hit.
Bugle increases Faculty.

Equipment Enhancement

You can spend Drachmas on enhancement to improve the attributes and the Grade of the equipment. But keep an eye on the Psyche Gauge, the success rate of enhancement. Enhance your equipment when the Psyche Gauge (changes every half-hour) is high. Or you can set Psyche Gauge at a high level with Gold.

Quality of the Equipment

The colors of the equipment, listed as white, blue, green, yellow, red and purple, represent different qualities of the equipment (ranging from average to top quality). The better the quality of the equipment, the better attributes the equipment can get from each enhancement, but the more Drachmas are needed.


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